Sonic's evil twin and original plot to be king(which he has done once. Scourge was just a normal 7 year old and was ignored by his father anti Jules and everyone around him. He killed his father and he and Alicia kicked anti king maxx out. 

Scourge was originally a blue like sonic but he got turned green when he tried to steal the master emerald. He also got a two cuts on his chest(which look a bit like tattoos). He also wears a leather jacket and sunglasses. 

When he was sent to prison he wore a Orange prison outfit.

His motivation is to become king of mobius and moebius but fails.

His defeat:beaten by sonic, sent to prison, escapes,

troy(the reef)Edit

Bully to all fish and a punk.

Troy is a shark who tries to destroy pi and co. Troy was sent to a human boat after he got trapped in a net. His steroids they gave him caused a grow bigger.

His appearance great white shark.

His motivation:kill pi and co, and take down the reef.

His defeat:trapped in a net(first film),sent flying back to the humans(second film).