video game chat episode 1- fps gamesEdit

"Fps short for first person shooter is a game genre in which a player is shown through the face of the character making the player the face of the character in the game this way you feel like you're the person your playing in the story and shows you what weapons you are using in the hand view".

"The most popular first person shooter to date is call of duty a fictional war game franchise where the goal is to win the war against terrorists like makarov or any other villainous leader in charge, call of duty has very mild blood but a lot of swearing well kind of call of duty has several modes including campaign the main story in the game, multiplayer where the player plays against other players in a generated battle map and a new feature introduced in cod was zombies mode where you fight a horde of zombies and try to survive through several rounds of crawlers, burners and acid spitters until you die".

"another popular fps game is halo a space shooter where the player takes control of master chief a intergalactic armoured solider who must fend off against all of sorts of alien including the flood and the constitution threats to the galaxy, action is around every corner so be careful and a happy victory awaits you"."this is one of the few shooters that has a life bar indicated by a shield defense bar which depletes when shot".

"The world of counter strike