Top ten characters who have never criedEdit

Intro Edit

cries* "everyone needs to cry sometimes so here's a list of characters who have never cried" *cries*

The listEdit

10 - janja: "janja is the leader of a clan of hyenas who has terrorised the pridelands ever since kion became leader of the lion guard, janja shown to be a all around evil hyena coming off as clever strong and handsome however if he learns of what happens to his parents or the fact males aren't supposed to be in charge of clans I'm pretty sure he'll shed some tears of sadness".

9 - spitfire: "spitfire is the captain of the wonderbolts which are an acrobatics team loved by all, spitfire shows herself as being mature, loves to joke around and enjoys being in charge, but I'm pretty sure that if she injures her wing or accidentally upsets one of her friends, she'd probably shed a few tears".

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