"Ahhh yes I defeated a goomba". "Hi and welcome to my top 12 favourite mario enemies".

"This list will involve standard enemies so bosses and minibosses will not be on this list". "But might be on a another one".

"So without further ado let's begin".

the listEdit

12-goombas:"Brown mushrooms with that walk back and forth towards mario". "Goombas are one of the most easiest mario enemies ever"."Goombas have became one of the most famous mario enemies ever".

11-thwomps:"cemented squares with spikes that will fall down on you if are not careful". "They are known as one of the most dangerous enemies in mario games".

10-piranha plants:"a plant that shoots out fireballs from it's mouth and peeps out of a pipe"."piranha plants are very deadly one hit as small mario and you are dead".

9-koopa troopas:"normal koopas with green shells or red shells". "They are one of the most famous and cowardish enemies". "Koopas are pretty useless minions but still good characters".

8-bullet bills:"bullets with eyes that are shot from cannon that shoots when you get close to it"."bullet bills are another one of those deadly enemies from mario".

7-hammer bros:"hockey koopas who wear hockey suits and throw boomerangs at you". "They are one of well most of the time easiest enemies".

6-chain chomps:"giant balls that act like dogs who are attached to a leash"."it has sharp teeth and jumps forward when mario is running passed it". "It's a tricky but sort of easy enemy".

5-boos:"ghost that have scary faces and cover their eyes when looked at"."these guys are difficult enemies considering (a) you can't directly kill them (b)they're ghosts and(c) first two".