"Cooool". "Hi and welcome to my top ten most famous characters of all time".

"This is the first installment of it".

"So let's begin".

the listEdit

10-stitch: "experiment 626/stitch is the main character of the lilo and stitch franchise including stitch!". "He is designed to destroy the world"."He has a girlfriend called 624/Angel". He has a rivalry with gantu,Reuben/625 and more". 

9-indiana Jones:"famous archaeologist and professor of Marshall college"."Indy is a adventurous and brave adventurer". "Who has a religious father and a dog called indiana get it". 

8-mario: "a red plumber with big heart". "Mario or mario mario in the films". "Mario is a Italian plumber who has to save a princess (heard that before)". "And defeat a dinosaur called bowser".

7-Garfield:"a fat Orange tabby with an obsession for lasagne". "Garfield is one of the memorable of all". "He only cares about 3 things(eating,sleeping,and annoying nermal odie or Harry)".

6-sonic:"a speedy blue hedgehog with an appetite for chilli dogs"."sonic has growned to a typical cool teen(15)". "Sonic speeds through zones helping baby animals called flickies".

5-link: "an elf who saves a princess called zelda from ganondorf".