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"I looove Nintendo it had some great franchises". "So please enjoy readers and you too Nintendo". 

"So let's begin"

the listEdit

10-earthbound:"a fantasy game where you control a boy called Ness and have to defeat giygas"."this franchise is remembered for being quite easy and introducing everyone's favourite pk thunder".

9-castlevania:"a classic sidescrolling horror game" "Simon Belmont sets to destroy Dracula and other famous monsters such as Frankenstein"s monster, medusa and Dracula himself". "This is a fun horror series to come back to".

8-starfox:"a space shooter game where you control an anthropomorphic fox called fox mccloud and have to defeat andross a floating white head"."starfox is remembered for being a fun game and introduces another Nintendo favourite do a barrel roll".

7-f zero:"a spaceship racer game where you can pick a special amount of characters but you know everyone picks cpt falcon". "F zero is remembered for the falcon punch".


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