"Hi it's me Wadeyyy19 and with my first creepypasta that I've made".

"So let's do it"

the storyEdit

I used to love Disney but after this I never touched a Disney DVD again.

Hi I'm chris and I'm new to disney. Today my mum was taking me to the Disney shop to get some disney dvds.

Today I decided to pick the lion king, Aladdin, and Pinocchio. 

i turned on the DVD player in my room and put in the lion king. Instead of disney fast play option. There was blood down the scene and text saying Disney.666.

I was sort of freaked out by that. But shook it off as the main menu came up. So I pressed play and the movie started.

But instead of the opening it went straight to it. Scar was sitting in an unconscious manner with blood on mane and paws. When zazu came and asked scar "are you alright". "No" said scar through coughs.

Zazu flew to as sky turned to a devilish red and black. As he was flying his eyes became hyper-realistic. And his feathers looked real like if you could touch them.

As  he  mufasa saw zazu. As zazu landed mufasa was a devilish black with glowing red eyes. "What do you want" he asked in a devilish voice. But before zazu had time to answer. Mufasa pounced on him and ripped him to shreds.

The scene skipped to the elephant graveyard where simba and nala were at and it came to hyena scene where they were cornering simba and nala when suddenly "oh no it's mufasa we're in trouble now but instead of mufasa it was scar he was badly injured and his mane was scruffy "you're father has gone insane". These were scar's last words as he died. 

Mufasa appeared behind the hyenas and dragged them across with the hyenas screaming and crying for help but simba stood there smirking and then he said Disney.666 

The film ended with sound of screams and pain.

I was freaked out but proceeded onto the next movie aladdin.

The film opened with aladdin running from guards with a huge grin on his face. 

The scene switched to the crumbling scene where aladdin was riding on carpet just when they made it out Abu carpet and genie were but aladdin smirked at them and said Disney.666 and left them to die. The film ended.

The fear was coming to my mind but i wanted to finish this so I put in pinnochio.

Which immediately switched to stromboli scene where he locks pinnochio up and leaves him for dead.

Jiminny cricket appeared to free pinnchio but Pinocchio squashed with his foot and the filmed ended with Pinocchio saying Disney.666.

I grabbed the discs broke them and threw them in the bin.

I don't to see another Disney again.