cabin in the woods cartoon version killcountEdit

Before the purge

Haily:"gets decapitated by a redneck zombie".

"Ed:"attempts to jump a canyon but hits the electrical barrier and gets electrocuted".

Freddy:"gets a hook through his throat".

During the purge

Farley:"gets grabbed by a two dismemberment goblins and ripped in half".

Scourge:"gets eaten by a giant snake".

"Geoffrey:"gets eviscerated by a killer robot".

Dag:"gets eviscerated by a killer robot".

Lightning:"gets his soul taken out of him by a witch".

Predator:"gets molested and killed by a angry molesting tree".

Skalrag:"gets eaten by zombies".

Elliot:"gets killed by a mummy".

Fiona:"kills herself after being possessed".

Sonic:"gets suffocated by a suffocater".

Tails:"gets eaten by a dragonbat".

Knuckles:"gets killed by psychotic doctors

Mina:"gets slaughtered by reptillius".

Harry:"gets killed by a dismemberment goblin".

Freddie:"gets killed by a giant snake".

Foxy:"gets killed by a klu Klux Klan".

Bonnie:"gets killed by a banshee".

Sally:"gets killed by the sugarplum fairy".

Bunnie:"gets killed by a evil clown".

Mickey:"gets killed by Kevin

Goofy:"gets killed by a reanimated".

Donald:"gets killed by rabid dogs".

Finn:"gets tortured to death bo fornicus and his gang".

Mario:"gets killed by a vampire".

Luigi:"gets killed by a werewolf".

Hershey:"gets killed by the headless bride".

Barby:"gets killed by a giant tarantula".

Scar:"gets impaled by a unicorn".

Shenzi:"gets killed by a giant".

Banzai:"gets killed by a sexy witch

Rita:"gets killed by the dolls".

Babs:"gets killed by the acid spitter".

Buster:"gets killed by the killer robot".

Everyone else:"killed by monsters".

Climax of the purge

Timon:"killed by scarecrow folks".

Wayne:"killed by a merman".

Lara:"killed by the kraken".

Harold:"stabbed by Riley".

Director lyra:"killed by patience".

Riley and Marty:"crushed by rocks".


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