episode 1 - death beginsEdit

New york city, USA, 1988: Roscoe was a well known Doberman around the city why? He was the highest wanted suspect in all of the big apple having many run ins with the police. Many of his cases had included rape, second degree murder and assault on a unarmed police officer with the intent to kill. But why did Roscoe become what he came today? Simple as a pup, he was abused at an early age 7 to be exact by his drunk dad. The abuse fed into his soul turning him into a bully at his school and a less than nice acquaintance when it came to college.

His first victim of his anger came in the form of Georgette, a uptight no nonsense poodle with a hot temper who gave up everything to be with who she thought was a street smart, funny take no shit from anybody type of guy whom Georgette passionately craved for, and who better than Roscoe who before the murder met her at a night club. On 13/10/1988/ Georgette was forced by her will into the back of a van where was raped, murdered and left to rot outside on the road.

Many came and died in the hands of Roscoe until 19/11/1988: police had found paw prints on the dead bodies of the bitches he had fucked, he was found at his caravan outside a junkyard. As he was being cuffed, he was able to bash the officer who had tried to arrest into submission, and as his partner went to taser Roscoe. He jumped out the way, the officer's partner ended up tasering himself also knocking him into submission. As Roscoe escaped his only home, taking with him a knife for what would be his next victim... For this killer though he was about to become the killed.

Roscoe found shelter when spotted a cabin, to him at the time it was basically a normal looking cabin but his discoveries inside were horrific. 

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